Tuesday, March 25, 2014


          I know, I know, I've gone MIA again. Mommy hooded craziness has gotten the better of me. Trying to balance filling orders, a toddler a 4th grader and family life is hard, Did you know that?!?, cause I sure didn't. Why can't their be manuals when it come to, well, life?... is that too much to ask for?. Lol. Just thought I'd put that out there into the universe.

Any-hoo, so yeah, It's coming down towards the end of the school year for Bug, in a couple of weeks he'll be going on Spring Break and we plan on taking a trip to San Francisco to the Zoo, Pier 39, and the Aquarium. It's also Hubbs and my 10yr Anniversary next month. I know what your thinking OMG! 10yrs?! How old are you?? Lol. It's ok, I can't believe it either. It's like 10yrs has just flown by. So we do plan to actually do something for just us this year. I mean, it is kinda a big on to Celebrate right??. *^_^*

Sprout has become little miss Diva. Oh lorde, has she. I always thought oh no, my kid wont go through that phase. Boy did she prove me wrong. Though it isn't as bad as I've seen some kiddos get. Don't get me wrong it's frustrating and exhausting at times. But it's getting better and I'm learning patients.

I'm working on getting some new items into the shop. I know I've said that before. But I've just been in a creative rut and dealing with family life that I haven't been able to kick out anything good enough that I'd want to sell. I have started making Crochet and knit headbands for some of the women that my MIL works with and have made a few flower headbands for some babies. So if those are a big enough hit, I may just put them in the shop as well.

I have been working on some stuffie/lovie patterns that I'm hoping to get the pattern kinks out and good material for so I can start making those to sell. I will update more on that when they're ready.

Well there's a bit of an update for ya'll. Hope to post something again soon so as not to leave everyone hangin'. 
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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Paying it Forward

Today I had some tears brought to my eyes. Nothing bad, they were happy, heartfelt tears. 

See this morning the Hub's and I took the little to breakfast at our local Perko's Restaurant. It was your typical Sunday morning, well typical for it being Superbowl Sunday.
We sat down ordered our drinks and got the kiddos settled into coloring and playing tic-tac-toe on their little worksheets. We ordered our food and of course ate when the food came. About halfway through our meal our waitress came up to us to let us know a gentleman had paid our tab, he had asked her not to tell us until after he left.
I was so touched. Hub's and I have payed it forward for other families a few times before, but I myself have never been on the receiving end. It was one of those "So that's what that feels like" moments. It was even more heartfelt when Bug asked who it was because he wanted to thank him. I asked our waitress that if the gentleman happens to come in again to please Thank him for us.
As we finished our meal and got ready to leave we stopped at the register and paid for the older couple's tab that was across from us. I'm a big believer in paying it forward. Today I can finally say for myself it's a wonderful and fulfilling experience to have. 
I'm glad to know that there truly is goodness and kindness in this mixed up world we live in.

I hope one day everyone has a chance to have the same feeling as I had had today. Even the smallest gesture as giving someone a smile can change the day of the person on that receiving end. 
Thank you kind Sir, whomever you may be.

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

What's been going on?..

See this is why I have "Lists" things just don't seem to get done when they should. I've been wanting to write and update the blog more often and it seems that is far from happening the way I had hoped. 
Nope, in my world it don't work that way. *insert head sway* lol. Things have minds of their own and tend to file out at a snail's pace.

Man this year has just taken off and as of right now I have no idea which way is up, down, left, or sideways. Lol. Welcome to my WORLD, it's a bucket load of crazy with a dash of insane and a pinch of disarray. Then add 2 littles, a husband and a side of two 4 legged critters. Yep that about sums it up.
I have been in such a creative block as of late, that I haven't been able to make anything that I'm happy with at the moment. I did however make a few baby gifts for Bug's 3rd grade teacher and his 4th grade teacher (this year). I crocheted blankets and hats for their "littles to be". (Sadly I didn't get a chance to take pictures before they were given and both the teachers went on leave). *aww nuts :( * 
They are both due very soon and we (my husband and I) wanted to do something for them since they both have helped so much in Bug's success at school. We were having a pretty hard time with Bug when it came to school. Don't get me wrong, he is a smart little man, test scores are phenomenal! and he can read and debate like no one's business. We thought the issues were stemming from all the changes within the last 2 years, with Sprout being born and what not, but to our surprise that was only a part of it. The end of last year Bug was diagnosed ADHD but is considered borderline. He's has both ADHD and ADD. I know what your thinking, "What??". That was my thoughts exactly when we were given the news. But now that we know I feel so much better that we were able to get him help. Things are going so much better and he's enjoying school so much more now that he can focus and not be a disruption.

Little Sprout just turned 2! yeah I know "Terrible twos!". But really we haven't had to deal with anything like that.... yet. *knock on wood*  She talks like crazy. Her new saying right now is "I can not believe it!" from the Little Einsteins. But hers comes out "I can no beve it!". It very funny. She also learning the ABC's and the letter sounds she's up to G, then she kinda losses interest but then comes back for Q cause she likes to make the "quack" sound.

Well that's all for now. I hope do update sooner or post some creativity next time. Stay tuned. *^_^*
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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Can you believe it's all ready a whole new year?!?! I know I can't either. It just creped up on us (the little sneek).
I'm not a big resolution type gal. I have lists, some things get check off and some don't. The things that don't, those get put on the list for the next go around. It'll be done eventually.
* I am hoping to be able to write more on the blog this year.

* I've started a 365 day art/scrap/smash journal. (I do plan on sharing some of my pages).
* Working on "growing up" the Bug N' Sprout logo. (Just like the littles, It needs to grow too)
* Working on some new ventures, I picked up knitting again, really I actually learned the right was to do it. So I'm excited to dive more into that. Mixed Media art is another new one. It goes along with my Journaling I'm starting.
So there's a few of the things on my list for this year. I'm sure it will be expanded upon as the months go on.

Last year we had a lot of hiccups and hurdles in my little mommy- hooded world. From my MIL falling into the deep end of the empty pool, puppy injury, finding out Bug is ADHD, Sprout thinking she works for "Geek Squad" and doing a number on my laptop, my pinky and ring finger of my left hand giving me issues with numbness, to Hubs getting into an accident (he's ok, all car damage). Needless to say 2013 was a insane year. Glad to see it gone. And HELLOOOOOOO! 2014. Let's see what you've got for us.

Here's to new adventures with Bug & Sprout, I'll be your tour guide on this crazy, wacky, & oh so fun ride. Sit back, and HANG ON! *^_^*

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Zap what have you been up to??....

He's at it again!, what are we going to do with you Zap?!?....
The note he left went like this:
Wanted to help decorate the tree but I couldn't find your
Christmas decorations, so I found the next best thing. Love Zap
As you can see Zap was in a little accident. He fell from where he was the night before and then had a run in with the dog. Grandpa was able to save him from a horrible fate, but had to stay the night in the Magic Recovery Center. Thankfully Peppermint bear and Nurse Kitty are taking good care of him.
Yep even Tink came to help lend some magic when she herd the news.
Bug found Zap all snuggled up in the tree. He must be trying to save up some energy. What do you have planned for us Zap??

Let the MELLO-FIGHT Commence!!
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Some adventures of Zap our Elf on the Shelf

So our wee little friend Zap has been pretty rambunctious since he's come home. Bug just doesn't know what to do with him.

He's been eating so many sweets. Not good at all. 
 Then we found him doing some online shopping on toysrus.com
 Candy-Wasted!! I told you Zap, I said it wasn't a good idea but you didn't listen.
I think we need to look into a Sweets rehab center for him.

Aww, Sofia and Zap are having a nice picnic indoors. Hope Tink doesn't get mad that she wasn't invited. (Bad break up last year, long story)...
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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our yearly house pest.....I mean guest Day 2 & 3

Day 2
Zap and the gang playing tic-tac-toe
Poor C-3PO, they only use him for his pen function. :(
Day 3
Zap, what did you do?!?. I guess it was only a matter of time
before the other elf type creatures wouldn't put up with Zap's shenanigans.
At least they aren't trying to paint him blue or anything.


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