Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dress Commission

Well I've been commissioned to make a dress. For an adult. My first thought when I was asked was "Eeeekkkkkk!!!!". I've never really made a dress for anyone other then kids. I've done a few tops here and there but that's it. So I took on the challenge. 

I was excited and scared at the same time. I had a deadline of 2 weeks and was on a mission to find nice, flowy, green material.
I swear the workers at Jo-Ann's and Beverly's thought I was a nut. I literally went to both stores sometimes twice in one day for almost 3 day's straight. Coming to the counter's with bolts of green fabric. Lol. I was determined to find the right material. Unfortunately everything I was finding, there wasn't enough of the material that I would need or it wouldn't work for an outside wedding.
I then remembered there was a fabric store in Turlock called Rainbow Fabrics. So after meeting with my customer and  filling her in on the troubles with the fabric, showing her the samples of fabric I could get and then her letting me know what she was looking for and that I pretty much had full reign on material choice as long as it was green I was set, so Sprout, my MIL and I hopped into the truck and headed to Rainbow Fabrics.

Oh lorde when I walked into the store, all I could hear was: 
♫♪♫♪ "hallelujah, hallelujah!" ♫♪♫♪ 
I was shocked at how much material they had. I had only ever been in once before, awhile back, and they were in a smaller building. I found the fabric I needed!, got it home and got to work.

Dress was still in the fitting and editing stage in this photo.

I just finished the dress yesterday. It's actually knee length now, the sleeves are a bit shorter and it doesn't have a low V neckline, like it did here. All in all I think it came out great. My customer seems too like it so that's what matters.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Honor Roll

I am one proud mama. Bug is ending this school year with a bang!. He got Honor Roll. So so proud of my little man. The beginning of this school year was rough. 3rd grade was too. Thankfully both last year and this year we had such awesome teachers that Bug was able to come out swinging. They helped us in working to help Bug do great in school and look at the end result! 
HONOR ROLL Baby!! Woot Woot!!

Now he is officially a 5th grader. Way to go little man.

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Photo Saturday - GODZILLA!

This past Wednesday My sister, 2 brothers, & my self went to see Godzilla. See growing up we were all huge Godzilla fans. We've seen all the originals, were a bit disappointed with the 90's remake (who am I kidding, Giant iguana is not the "King of Monsters").

It was nice us all getting together. 
Sorry for the blurry pic, the theater attendant wasn't very steady

Me and my brother attempting to take the poster home.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

MMM- Napkins and April Creative Dare Update

As always MMM is so much fun. The chat is always hilarious especially when we have all our great mods (moderators) and GM & GD (Glue Mom & Glue Dad) on.
Last night was out of the box. Tracy used printed napkins as her background on her piece. Yes you read that right, NAPKINS. I would have never thought to use that as a craft medium. I of course didn't have any "cool" looking napkins to use or the great stencil she used on the piece, so I stuck with good ole paint. I think a pulled off a pretty good piece despite the lack of said items. What do you think??....

My piece

I also found out that the Creative Dare Piece I submitted for April was chosen. So I get a prize woot woot! I'm so excited to see what I get. I also placed an order for some supplies so I can get more of my painting practice on. *^_^*
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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Photo Saturday

Start them young *^_^*

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Disney Villian's Part 2

Next up, we have :

Dr. Facilier aka: "The Shadow Man"

Madam Mim

Cruella DeVil


 Captain Hook

I know there are many more Villan's left to create I'm waiting on a few supplies and payday to get some more paints. So this is not the last you've seen of these great villan's. I may even do another Maleficent version, more like the cartoon like these are. We shall see *^_^* 

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Art Journal- Disney Villian's Part 1

I've gotten a hang of painting so far I think, it's like drawing, but with a brush. *^_^*
I've been painting in my Art Journal and made a picture of my favorite Disney Villian, Maleficent.

My dear and very close friend asked me to do one of Ursula or some other Villians, so I decided to do just that. I've dedicated a section in my Journal just for these dastardly fiends. 

So far I have Ursula and the Evil Queen. I'll keep them coming :)

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